In response to an assignment for my Industrial Design Minor I designed a train interior using Solid Works. Two different compartments have been designed into a single train wagon, fulfilling three functions. One of the compartments serves a catering/bar function. Travellers can sit at the bar or on one of the bar stools at the table. Both the bar and the table are perfectly suited for standing around and having informal conversation due to their height. The other compartment serves two purposes. For one it features two working/reading tables. These are tables for six persons. They have some power outlets and a stand for magazines and booklets that also serves as a visual barrier between the two sides of the table. Allowing people to work or read facing each other without it being awkward. Next to these tables their are four ‘train-wagons’ within this compartment. These train wagons form a semi-closed area where four people can sit in a sense of privacy with each other at a table and have a good time together without disturbing other travellers too much. Also have a look at:¬†