During this semester I decided to focus on prototyping quality and aesthetics. In this project, I created a chair called Tracey.

” The beauty of chairs is that they are – possibly visually attractive – everyday objects that become an integral part of our homes and even our lives. A chair may move through many spaces in the house over the years, forming a trace of past usage. “

The chair I created shows traces of its users over time by illuminating the surface seat. These traces are derived from pressure and color of the user on the seat surface.

The aesthetics of usage traces is enhanced and – literally – highlighted by the illumination of the users behavior on the chair. The use of warm materials – felt and wood – and high-tech, provides a pleasant contrast. The illumination and the power cord at the back of the chair evoke curiosity for this otherwise regular chair. The elegant shape of the chair gives it a sense of warmth and personality. Download project report.