During holiday I adapted an Ikea play kitchen for my 2 year old son. He liked playing with the kitchen anyway but liked the real kitchen with all sounds, lights and beeping buttons much more. Therefore I decided to make the Ikea kitchen more smart and interactive. The interesting thing about this project that it had to function for a long time and be sturdy enough to withstand childs play. This challenged me to think and work differently with electronics and finishing.

Therefore I hacked the original stove and added switch-potmeters to be able to control the brightness of red stove illumination. Furthermore I made one of the cabinets into an oven with a switch-potmeter controllable light and fan in the back. The partypiece, to my son, however is a yellow led lit seven segment display, to which I assigned four pushbuttons to program it. All accompanied with the ‘beloved’ beeping sounds of course. To finish things up I painted the kitchen and gave it a tile background and a pickles-pot-lamp with a lamp switch.