This Shape changing music alteration interface is designed to facilitate a research project that was carried out as a first project during my Industrial Design Master. This research was part of the GHOST research project. GHOST stands for Generic and Highly Organic, Shape-changing inTerfaces.

I have conducted an experiment in which, a shape changing interface was compared to a more traditional Graphical interface and Tangible interface. I have chosen interacting with music specifically because I believe that we have lost the rich experience from the old days in current music devices and applications, leading to less engagement with music interaction. Therefore the engagement with music interaction using a Shape Changing Interface (SCI), a Tangible User Interface Graphical User Interface (TUI) and a GUI is compared, using the RC&E framework by Marco Roozendaal. I learned that however Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) might offer the rich experience that brings back the engagement with the music interaction, it lacks the usability of the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) due to its more static character. Shape Changing Interfaces (SCI) might be able to offer the dynamics of a GUI while it also retains the richness of a TUI. However, due to technical issues the research has been somewhat limited, the SCI scored significantly higher on engagement than the TUI and GUI. Download project report and research.