The Unaware Objects module is about things that behave (slowly) the way they do, without you being able to interact with it.

This lamp is initially designed as part of Unaware Objects research.  Therefore the initial prototype is designed to be perceived as a normal lamp on a fixed place in a living environment. Over time however it will change the light distribution in the room, opening up for a change in how the room is perceived and used. Due to changed light conditions, some objects suddenly appear more inviting to use, while other objects will be left in the dark. “It slowly drifts it’s gaze to explore uncharted territory creating ensembles with other objects in the room”. Download report.

The prototyping for Unaware Objects really showed the power of research through design. After fiddling around on a computer, with some drawings I moved away from this and started making things at the workshop. This changed the creative flow dramatically, enabling me to push away from earlier ideas. This is a valuable insight since my ideation process up to this point usually took place behind a computer screen. It is amazing to see how stepping away from the ordinary – aware objects – helps to get creative juice flowing. Furthermore I was very surprised to see what qualities such seemingly silly objects offered.

Parabel - Unaware Objects