A printer design using freshly acquired hans-on prototyping techniques. The design is based on the design principles famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy – being one of my favorite designers. This meant a streamlined design had to be created – giving smooth speed and direction – featuring big bold roundings, line (chrome) detailing and feminine shaping. An inventive printer concept was developed – rotating instead of a linear moving printerhead – that allowed for a Raymond Loewy-esque design. The final prototype fidelity was at sufficient level to allow people to get an idea of the look and feel of the final product.

Designing this printer was part of a module assignment during my Master Industrial Design. The goal of this module was to learn to quickly iterate through ideation and sketching to 3D mockups and prototypes and provided me some new prototyping techniques that became very apparent in my next projects. With my new developed knowledge and skills I expect that in the future I will have a greater design and prototype quality. Also my future designs will be much more informed by design history. My work for this module has been rewarded a grade 9. Download report.